Building trust through transparency and high-quality of auto & fleet repair services

Our goal is to build a community of loyal customers-turned-advocates by building a relationship based on trust. Here’s what we want: If your fleet truck breaks down, your mind immediately thinks “CarTronics”. 


Whether you are a fleet owner or individual customer, with over 20 years of car, light and medium duty truck repair, we aim to play a major role in ensuring your vehicle stays on the road as long as possible.

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It all started with Syed as a customer at an auto repair shop that significantly over charged him. He trusted them to do their job well and be fair with pricing but to them he was just “rent money”.

It didn’t go on much longer. As soon as Syed learned they were overcharging him, he put an end to it. He bought the shop and shut it down to start CarTronics. Few days into running his shop, Syed saw Jose, one of the technicians, turn down $1,000 in cash from a customer to only charge $25 based on correctly diagnosing a repair. Syed was so impressed by Jose’s honesty that they became partners from then on and jointly run the CarTronics. 


CarTronics specializes in serving light and medium duty fleet customers and electric car customers. We provide dealership level quality at more affordable prices. As a customer, you can expect complete peace of mind and convenience (free pick-up, towing, etc.) with us. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and quality, and ensure your cars are back on the road as soon as possible. 


We know what it’s like to work with business owners and busy professionals. With the help of our highly trained staff, coupled with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we ensure you get the highest quality of fleet repair and advanced electric car repairs. 


We work hard to earn your trust and repeat business by being upfront and truthful about your repair with a clear line of communication.

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Building a space where auto and fleet repair is simple, straightforward and trustworthy

We want to create an ecosystem based on our values, that enables us to deliver excellence in fleet repair services and diagnostics. Here are the values that we stand by:





Peace of Mind


We specialize in mechanical and electrical repairs for your