Affordable Auto Repair

CarTronics Auto Repair provides complete auto care for all American and Foreign cars in the Elgin area.

Our comprehensive auto repair services include Free Diagnostics for following repairs:

  • Fluid Change: Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Differential Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid

  • Engine Repair, Mounts, Manifold Leaks

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics

  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair, Diagnostics, Radiator Flush

  • Heating System: Coolant Antifreeze, Diagnostics

  • Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

  • Brake Repair, Brake Fluid Flush, Brake System Inspections 

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance 30K, 60K, 90K

  • Suspension and Steering Repair, Shocks & Struts, Upper & Lower Ball Joints, Sway Bar Links, Knuckles, CV Boots, Upper and Lower Control Arms, Leaf Springs, Wheel Alignment

  • AC Service, Repair & Inspection, AC Compressor Repair

  • Exhaust Systems & Mufflers, Catalytic Converter

  • Transmission Service & Mounts

  • EVAP System Diagnostics, Oxygen Sensors, Free Diagnostics of Emissions Test Failure, Exhaust and Muffler Repair

  • Battery Replacement, Electrical System Inspection, Tune Ups

  • Hybrid Vehicle Inspection & Repair

  • FREE Maintenance Inspections

  • FREE Uber & Lift inspections!

  • FREE Light Duty Diesel Inspections

  • Tires for sale

CarTronics Auto Repair aims to provide Dealership level repair service at affordable prices. We strive to earn your trust and repeat business by being upfront and truthful about your repair with a clear line of communication.


Call today (847) 450-3714 / Towing Service available.

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Our Services

- Free Inspections & Diagnostics

- Oil Changes

- Breaks, Suspension Repair

- AC Repair & Recharge 

- Battery Check & Replacement

- Towing Available

- Pick-Up and Drop-Off Upon Request

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 8AM to 6PM

Sun: Closed

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Contact Us

150 Tyler Creek Plaza

Elgin, IL 60193

Tel: (847) 450-3714


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