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While the engine or interior may get most of the credit, brakes are some of the most important components of your vehicle. After all, without brakes your car is essentially a metal death trap, making it crucial to keep up on your brake maintenance so that when you hit the brakes your car can safely slow to a stop.


But not everyone is as passionate about brake repair in Elgin, IL as we are. That's because we've seen what faulty brakes can do to your safety level, and believe us when we say that it's something that you don't ever want to deal with. Compared to other car maintenance tasks that might leave you stranded, a problem with your brakes could put you in the hospital, so don't risk it.


What Can Happen with Bad Brakes


In the movies or on TV, you've likely seen scenes of a car with malfunctioning brakes careening recklessly down a hill with the driver trying in vain to pump the brakes into action. But the reality is that your bad brakes may not allow you to stop quickly enough in traffic during tomorrow's drive, sending you into the vehicle in front when properly maintained brakes would have kept you safe. 


Even if your brakes mostly work, brake repair in Elgin, IL is more about optimizing the function and capabilities of your brakes so that when you need them, they'll save you from that impending accident. A brake repair may not cost as much as other important maintenance items, but it's no less important.


The Cost of Bad Brakes


Bad brakes are more than a risk to your safety and that of the people around you on the road, they can cost you a small fortune if you wait too long to repair them. Brakes for each of your four wheels are relatively affordable, but if you've neglected to change your brakes before the pads wore down to the metal, you could have done irreparable damage to your rotors -- and that could end up running you much more than a simple brake repair in Elgin. IL.


To avoid this common brake blunder, make sure that you bring your car in to a brake specialist if you hear any odd sounds from your brakes, such as screeching or scraping. That could mean you've worn your pads down and are starting in on your rotors, and bringing your car in earlier rather than later could save you a pretty penny.


The Warning Signs of Bad Brakes


Aside from any strange noises coming from your brakes, keep an eye and an ear out for any odd behavior with your brakes. If you're noticing any shuddering, shaking or grinding when you brake, you'll likely need brake service. If your car pulls to one side or lurches back and forth while braking, you may need brake repair. 


Generally, if your car is braking in a way that isn't normal and unlike how you're used to your cars responding, brake repair in Elgin, IL is probably a good idea. Soft or squishy brakes or brakes that lack give could also be an indication of a brake issue, so it's best to head in for brake repair as soon as possible. 


If you're encountering an issue with your brakes or you're interested in ensuring that your brakes are functioning normally, call the best place to get brakes done in Elgin, IL: CarTronics. We'll get your car and its brakes back up and running so that you can hit the road without worry.

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