Ensure your vehicle runs safely, smoothly and swiftly with CarTronics. Whether a Tesla or another EV, we strongly recommend changing EV brake pads before they show signs of irregularities.

Designed to be efficient, these cars do not require a lot of maintenance. However, choosing to have regular maintenance checks could ensure your vehicle runs perfectly and at lower costs. Routine brake checks are necessary.

Regular Vs. Regenerative Braking Systems

Found in most EV and hybrid vehicles, these brakes capture the kinetic energy when braking. This energy is then converted into electrical power, used to charge the car’s battery.
Instead of using regular brakes, EV’s electric motor can slow the vehicle by reversing power in order to slow it down. It then reuses the deceleration as energy.

Brake Pad Wear Out

Brake pads are considered the normal wear items in EVs. These pads create the friction needed to help stop your car when they are pressed against the brake disc/rotor or brake drum that rotates the wheel. Over time the brake pads can lose their effectiveness. Which is why regular maintenance is needed and replacements made when necessary.

In order to monitor brake warning signs, be sure to keep out for these signs:

Thanks to regenerative brake features in EVs, they do not wear down as soon as their fuel counterparts. However, this does not mean they do not wear out at all.
EV brakes can last well upto 100,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

EV brake repairs are easiest with CarTronics. Why? 


  • Because EVs have fewer working parts, which makes for fewer replacements 50% less wear and tear. 
  • With regenerative braking, there is lesser maintenance and repair in comparison to regular brakes. Saving you money and time. 
  • Tire maintenance too is 30% less than a regular vehicle, making your EV the best investment you ever made. 

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