What could be wrong with your vehicle’s AC?

Has your auto AC stopped working all of a sudden? Don’t sweat it! Our free AC diagnostic services are here to ensure that our customers stay cool in the summers. With a thorough inspection of your AC system -including the hoses, compressor, drier and evaporator, our team shall determine and provide the right AC service and repair needs for you. When it comes to Auto Air Conditioners, the mechanics at Cartronics look into possible leaks, water damage, vent-related issues and manufacturer-specified recharging needs.

Repair, Recharge, Refuel?

The cooling effect that comes from your car A/C system depends on how much refrigerant is in it. When your AC doesn’t blow cold despite the air blowing out of the vents, it’s often a case of recharge of AC gas or refrigerant. Thus a lot of times, your air conditioning unit doesn’t need a repair but a simple refuel or recharge. However, if there are insufficient levels of refrigerant or “AC gas” due to leakage or compressor function, then repairs and replacement of the structural aspects of the AC system are inevitable.
Whatever the cause or situation may be, we are here to help you identify and fix it. So if you are unsatisfied by the cooling of your auto AC, then call us for a quick and reliable AC checkup.

Give us a call for free diagnostics of your car's A/C system