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Trust FVP for unmatched quality, selection, service, and performance at the best value in the industry.

FVP battery is a pioneer in giving unmatched service in quality and superior performance and that too at a competitive price.


5 Year Warranty

Free Battery Check

for most cars

Plus Tax

  • Higher Density Paste: The higher density paste inside the FVP batteries ensures prolonged lifecycle and optimizes energy density by resisting plate deterioration and material shredding.

  • Calcium Grid alloy/calcium: This feature extends the interval in-between watering and reduces gassing. It also gives amazing resistance from corrosion which extends its life.

  • Optimized Plate Design: The optimized plate design diminishes the common failure modes that are common in deep cycle batteries. It also gives balance to the structural design with performance.

  • Fiber reinforced separators: This feature improves the plate life in high-vibration applications. It also helps in retaining cell comprehension during cycling.

  • Popular configurations: The 12 volt, GC8 and GC2 golf cart products here are available in many configurations which makes it a popular selection as every customer gets what configuration he needs.

  • Carry Handles are convenient: The battery comes with carry handles which makes it simple to install and give a safe and easy handling option to the batteries.


When it comes to batteries it is always important and crucial to make the right decision. As the life and performance of the automobile depends upon the battery. Any wrong choice could result in disaster. As an automotive professional it is not good to gamble on selection of the correct batteries.

It is always best to choose the batteries which have high output and endurance. FVP batteries are a perfect choice for this. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to automotive batteries.

These batteries have excellent built and give the best CCA (cold cranking app) and CA than most batteries and have the best warranty across the industry.