Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF (diesel particulate filter) is where the soot and ash from your emissions system is collected. If the DPF is not regularly cleaned, it can end up costing you thousands of dollars in unscheduled downtime and repairs

Why Do DPFs Need to Be Cleaned?

DPF is designed to catch soot (unburned fuel/lube oil) and turn it into ash. The ash is pushed to the back of the filter and stored there. Periodically it needs to be cleaned to avoid complete replacement. With new DPFs costing over $7,000, routine maintenance is the key. Work with CarTronics Auto Repair to proactively schedule your DPF cleaning to decrease downtime and save on fuel.

Why CarTronics Auto Repair?

We have a lot of experience working with several fleet customers to provide DPF cleaning. With CarTronics Auto Repair, DPF cleaning takes less than 2 business days. We also provide free diagnostics and transparent pricing for all our services.

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