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Reasons to Rebuild or Replace Your Engine

Replacing a car's engine is not something that most vehicle owners will have to do in their vehicle's lifetime, but it can come up. Why though? Engines are designed to be strong machines that can handle day in and day out abuse as they power your car or truck down the road. Well, they aren't fail proof, but they can handle some serious workload. Here are some of the top reasons you may need to replace a car engine.

Engine Has Overheated

There are several reasons an engine may overheat, the number one issue, and by far the most common, is excessive heat leads to a possible block cracking. If the cooling system is unable to regulate the operating temperature of the motor it is going to continue to rise in temperature as it operates. The metal that the block is cast from can handle only so much heat. A cracked block means you will lose nearly all power from the engine, if it doesn't cause it to completely shut off.

Lack of Timely Oil Changes or Running the Engine with Low Oil

This will cause friction and heat that the engine suffers from. Cylinder rings will wear, oil will leak, gaskets will blow, damage will be done. It is basically inevitable. Once the engine hit a certain point of damage, there is no turning back. It is going to need a rebuild or a replacement.

There are many reasons to need an engine replacement, these are just a few. Whatever damage your engine has suffered you can trust the team at CarTronics Auto Repair to provide you with the expertise necessary to install a used or rebuilt engine in Elgin, IL. We provide engines for all makes and models of foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Give us a call at (847) 450-3714 to schedule an appointment for a professional engine replacement in Elgin, IL.

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