When thinking about your EV’s tire repair or replacement, CarTronics Auto Repair is the way to go. With expert technicians, free diagnostics, affordable prices, and flexible payment plans, you can visit the workshop worry-free.

Why EV Tire Maintenance?

In comparison to regular cars, EVs are designed for efficiency, lower emissions and less noise pollution. However, with all this comes a slight consequence: heavier vehicles. With heavy batteries, the additional weight proves taxing on EV tires. Not to mention, the ability to accelerate faster with the engine torque brings more wear and tear.

To increase EV tire longevity, maintenance is key. You should:

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

There are two major aspects to keep in mind, when thinking about tire replacement:

Tire Age

Aging tires means when the components begin to change. Environmental conditions such as snow, rain or extreme heat could have an effect. On the other hand, if your car is sitting idle for too long, this could have its own impacts.

Tire Wear

Tire wear is part and parcel of your car, no matter how good a driver you are. Over time, the tire should wear evenly rather than only on the outside or inside of the tire. If there is irregular wear, that is indicative of your tire pressure or alignment. Wear, in this case, could be accelerated if not taken care of immediately. 

A good way to know when to change your tires is by reading the manufacture date. Every tire has this indicated on it. This can help you decide when to change them.

Industry experts recommend replacing tires at about 6 and before 10 years of age. This depends on how the tires are doing.

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Why Should You Replace Your Tires?

Preparing for the worst is always best. Keeping a regular check on your tires and knowing when to change them is crucial to your safety and costs.

Problems from tire wear include:

If not addressed immediately, either of these problems could cause you a hefty repair bill.

What We Offer

With your tires, timing is everything. Have your EV tires inspected in time at CarTronics Auto Repair and prevent heavy future repair bills. The wisest course of action is to have them inspected by a tire shop.

An expert will be able to check excessive wear, especially on the inside edge of the tire. They will then recommend alignment or rotation.