With our truck fleet preventative maintenance services, we ensure periodic inspections and servicing of your fleet vehicles. We perform standard maintenance services like oil change and filter replacement and identify and repair signs of wear and tear on your vehicles with regular inspection.

Does your truck fleet carry heavy cargo and equipment and traverse rough terrains every day? Don’t worry! We customize our services to fit the type of fleet vehicles and their usage patterns.

We Offer Truck Maintenance Services in Elgin IL

Our fleet preventative maintenance services aim to help fleet owners reduce downtime and associated costs. To maintain your business’ productivity, we ensure all your vehicles are in perfect condition and safe to drive. We cover all the bases and inspect your vehicles thoroughly to identify and address underlying issues. Here are some of the services that we cover under fleet preventive maintenance:

Fluid replacement

We change your vehicle’s engine oil and filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power-steering fluid. We also inspect and repair fluid leaks.

Antifreeze/Coolant system

We inspect the coolant system, water pumps, hoses, and thermostat of your vehicle, and flush and replace the antifreeze if necessary.

Belts and pulleys

We perform belt system inspections and tune-ups and replace your vehicle's belts and pulleys when they display signs of wear and tear.


We perform tire rotation and wheel alignment, and inspect your tires for inflation and signs of wear and tear to ensure tire safety.

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