Automotive Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services

What to expect from  CarTronics Auto Repair fleet services:

  • Minimal Downtime

  • Professional Repair

  • Proactive Maintenance 

  • Customized Service Plans

  • Clear Line of Communication

  • Pickup and Drop Off of your fleet vehicles

  • FREE Diagnostics and Repair Estimates (no matter how long it takes)


Air Condition System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Air Conditioning Recharge

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance


Brake System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Pads and Rotors Replacement Service / Warning Lights

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance


Suspension System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Shock and Struts, Control Arms, Ball Joints, etc... Replacement Service / Warning Lights

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance

Heating and Cooling System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Radiator Coolant Flush Service / Warning Lights

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance

Electrical System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Light Bulb, Battery Replacement / Electrical Warning Lights

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance

Engine Services

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Oil / Filter Change / Check Engine Warning Lights

  • Engine / Exhaust / Fuel System Repair and Replacement

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance

Transmission and Drivetrain

Emissions System

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Additional System component replacement and maintenance

  • Emissions Inspections and Repairs 

    • CarTronics Auto Repair will take your vehicle to the Emissions Testing facility

Tire Replacement

  • FREE Tire Inspections

  • Tire Replacement  and  Alignment

Fleet Repair Services in Elgin, IL

Managing a fleet of vehicles is not something to be taken lightly. Not only is a well-running fleet important for the safety of employees, but it can also be a big component of efficient operation of your entire company. Downtime can represent significant losses in production and work, and if you're not paying attention, you could be jeopardizing your entire fleet's stability by missing easy maintenance milestones that can help prevent emergency repairs.


Truthfully, fleet repair services in Elgin, IL can help you out of a bind as well as prevent issues that can cause unplanned downtime. Furthermore, failing federal inspections can leave you with significant penalties and fees on top of the repairs needed to get your workers back on the road. In short, the health of your fleet is an indicator of the health of your business, and it doesn't even take much to do it correctly.

Where To Start With Fleet Maintenance

Regardless of the types of vehicles you depend on day in and day out, getting the most out of your company's fleet starts with preventative maintenance. Just like the regular maintenance milestones that you have for your personal car, company vehicles are prone to the same problems of all other vehicles on the road, except that they're likely driven harder, longer and are subject to more abuse than a vehicle that may only need to get you to and from work several times a week.


From regular tire rotation to proper maintenance milestones such as when to change fluids or when to overhaul a hard-working cooling system, your vehicle's service schedule is a great place to start. But due to increased, everyday use, a fleet maintenance plan in Elgin, IL for your company's vehicles may need to be more aggressive than what you'd need to follow for your own personal vehicle. 


It also helps to track mileage, fuel usage and hours of operation over time, which can make it easier to know when you're on the verge of needing fleet maintenance services in Elgin, IL. By anticipating when your vehicles will need to go into the shop, you can schedule repairs in shifts or around natural lulls in usage, saving both money and time by keeping your fleet dialed in and running. In the long run, you'll be saving a considerable amount on costly downtime, as well as more expensive fixes that may be needed if maintenance is put off or ignored altogether.

Isn't Fleet Maintenance Expensive?

Contrary to popular belief, fleet vehicle maintenance in Elgin, IL is actually less expensive than just dealing with a problem when it pops up. Not only will that cause a loss of productivity, which can jeopardize income and the core functions of your business, but you'll also be looking at a more expensive repair bill by allowing problems to develop undetected under your watch.


If it's a vehicle that your company needs every day and you don't have a viable backup, operations could also grind to a halt, costing you more money both during and after the repair, such as in the case of missing oil changes and needing a costly engine rebuild or replacement. 


By getting in front of an issue before it becomes one, fleet repair services in Elgin, IL help save money and time, and it can even help you put more money in your pocket by optimizing fuel efficiency and mileage, which can represent one of the largest ongoing costs of keeping a car on the road.