How Many Miles Can I Go Between Oil Changes?

Updated: Aug 6

Perhaps one of the most important parts of any vehicle is engine oil. Not only does it protect your engine from wear and tear, but it also helps your car run as efficiently as possible.

This is primarily why changing the engine oil in your vehicle should be a routine part of your vehicle maintenance service.

Usually, the rule of thumb would be to change the engine oil every 3000 miles. However, as more and more engines are now designed to last longer, it is now harder than ever to know when you are supposed to schedule a conventional or synthetic oil change in Elgin, Il.

To determine how many miles you can go before oil changes, there are several factors you should consider going into it.

You must first identify the type of vehicle you use and how old it is, how much time you spend using it, and the type of oil change lube in Elgin Il that your vehicle needs.

Normally, most conventional vehicles today need synthetic oil instead of mineral oil, but it is always good practice to check with the owner’s manual to know which type is recommended by the manufacturers.

However, if your engine still uses mineral oil, you are more likely to go for 3000 miles before you need another oil change. Mineral oil uses less refined base oils meaning they are more likely to oxidize and acidify easily, and their protective components break down quickly.

Going for a fully synthetic engine oil change service in Elgin Il is better than conventional oil since it offers more benefits including better engine protection, wear and tear reduction, protection against varying weather conditions, and oil breakdown control.

Modern synthetic blends let you go for 5000-7500 miles before an oil change. If your vehicle requires fully synthetic oil, your vehicle can go up to 10000 miles before the next scheduled oil change.

Some brands even offer you the option to switch from conventional oil to oil for high mileage vehicles, synthetic blends, and fully synthetic oils.

For older vehicles, the schedule for changing oil as determined in the owner’s manual is divided into two categories: normal and severe service.

You might need to follow a stricter service schedule if you operate your vehicle primarily for short trips, extreme hot or cold climates, or for carrying heavy loads.

If you operate your vehicle under normal conditions, your vehicle might not benefit from regular quick oil changes in Elgin Il.

Newer models of vehicles meanwhile have oil-monitoring systems that will notify you if it’s time for an oil change.

Early iterations of the oil-life monitor rely on mileage and time, but newer versions even analyze performance and vehicle operation to determine the oil change interval.

Additionally, you should make it a point to check your oil levels at least once a month if you have modern vehicles. It is worth noting that manufacturers recommend an oil change every 12 months if you do not put too many miles on your vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle type, most engines will use less than a quart of oil every 600 or 700 miles. Therefore, keeping engine oil at the proper levels will help protect your engine from wear and tear, and you won’t have to deal with high oil change prices in Elgin, Il either.

If you are still unsure about how many miles your vehicle can go between oil changes, book an appointment with oil change experts at CarTronic now.

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