How You Can Benefit From Fleet Repair Services

Updated: Jun 8

What are the benefits of hiring fleet repair services in Elgin, IL?

Well, there are 3 benefits of leaving your commercial fleet under the care of experts: one of them is lower costs and the other, more satisfied customers.

Read below to find out the 3 benefits of fleet repair services!

#1 Schedule your repairs to avoid undesirable downtime

Downtime is whenever your car can’t be used because it's under repairs. And if downtime happens on a busy workday or unexpectedly due to an accident, your company will be in trouble.

You’ll have to reschedule with your clients. Or your employees will have to pool together and give each other lifts until the car’s fixed.

Downtime is detrimental to your business, but you can plan it beforehand with a fleet repair service.

Our fleet maintenance plan in Elgin, IL will periodically check your cars to make sure any issues are detected ahead of time.

And that means you can schedule for downtime on a day that you have fewer clients, or even on Saturdays.

#2 Save money on maintenance

When you find issues in your cars before an accident happens, you always save money.

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance. For example, changing the oil regularly is cheaper than replacing a damaged piston.

So, with fleet maintenance services in Elgin, IL you can maintain your whole fleet periodically and save money with preventative repairs instead of reacting to emergencies.

Also, a fleet service provider can get repair parts for a lower price than you’d get at a car dealership.

They have a warehouse with the most frequently requested parts and a supplier network to acquire a piece quickly for a low price when needed.

#3 Fewer issues with compliance (FMCSA and more)

Commercial vehicle fleets have to comply with so many federal and state regulations, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSA).

And you have to comply with obligatory reporting, inspections, and registries. It’s so much paperwork that if you’re not very knowledgeable on the subject, you’ll probably get mixed up and pay an unwanted fine.

A fleet service provider can advise you on compliance and will follow all the rules during repairs to make sure everything’s in accordance with the law.

Hire Fleet Repair Services in Elgin, IL Now

We at Cartronics can diagnose your fleet for free and can even pick up your vehicles for you — and drop them off at your business when done.

Our repair services cover everything you can think of in a car: air conditioning, brakes, suspension, the engine… if it’s in a car we can repair it!

View our complete list of fleet repair services:

  • Air conditioning: recharge, component replacement and maintenance

  • Brake system: pads, rotors, and warning lights replacement

  • Suspension system: shock & struts, control arms, ball joints

  • Heating & cooling: radiator coolant flush service, warning lights, and component repair

  • Electrical system: lightbulb, battery, and electric warning lights

  • Engine: oil & filter change, engine, exhaust, and fuel system repair

  • Transmission and drivetrain: fluid & filter replacement, and transmission rebuilding or replacement

  • Emissions system: inspections, repairs, and component replacement and maintenance

  • Tires: inspection, replacement, and alignment

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