The 3 Most Common Signs It's Time for a Brake Repair

Updated: Sep 10

The weather in Elgin, Illinois comprises long hot summers and cold winters. However, the one aspect that remains constant is that it is pretty wet year round. When you are driving in these weather conditions, you cannot simply ignore the following warning signs from your car brakes.

No, we don’t mean that you need to run to the mechanics every week to ensure your brakes are fine. You can actually detect a warning sign by using three of your senses, namely hearing, seeing, and smelling. Yes, it is that simple! Want to know how? Read on.

Hearing Weird Sounds?

Just like in any situation, if you hear screeching, grinding, or other ear-piercing sounds when you brake, that is an indicator that the brake pads are calling for your attention. You should take quick action and address the problem by taking it to the best place to get brakes done Elgin il. Delaying it could lead to more serious repairs that will be more expensive.

Seeing the Signs?

Your car, when taken care of, responds by giving you warning signs that are visible. The brake warning light should be a clear indicator for you to see that your car’s braking system is not working how it should. If you see this sign, then pull over quickly and stop by or schedule an appointment today at the closest brake specialists in Elgin il.

Something Smells Fishy?

That fishy smell that fills your car when you brake is actually your car brakes calling out for help. Such an unfamiliar smell is not common and could lead to fatal consequences. You must get a brake inspection done as soon as possible to see what part of the braking system has been damaged that is causing this smelly factor.

Want to Know What Causes These Warning Signs?

If you are trying to understand why your car brakes are quickly deteriorating, then there are a few obvious facts that can help you. First of all, when you are trying to whiz past some of the busiest traffic areas in Elgin (like from Randall Road from Foothill Drive), the constant braking wears down the brakes.

Furthermore, when you have one foot on the brakes (even when it is not necessary), and the other on the accelerator, you will wear out the pads due to the excessive heat generated by using both at the same time.

Tailgating other cars in a busy traffic area will give you less time to brake. The chances of braking hard increases. Not only do you break the traffic rules but you will cause more friction on your brake pads, wearing them out sooner.

Let’s not even delve into road rage that overcomes drivers wherein the rotors are heated up excessively and causes damage to the brakes.

Last but most importantly, one of the most common factors for your braking system to fail often is when you ignore regular maintenance appointments. If you want your car to run smoothly without any disruptions, then you will have to be proactive.

If you have been postponing and delaying a visit for regular maintenance check-ups of your car, then take action now. Stop by or schedule an appointment today. Trust us, you will thank us later!

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