The State of Illinois prioritizes the safety of all motorists and vehicles, which is why vehicle owners are required to undertake regular safety inspections.


CarTronics Auto Repair is authorized by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to conduct the required six-month safety lane inspection for commercial vans and medium-duty trucks that weigh upto 10,000 lbs.


Our technicians are authorized and trained to perform a thorough inspection as per the guidelines to ensure that your trucks and vans are in good condition. You can leave it to us to inspect all the parts and systems of trucks and vans for defects and deficiencies, and recommend necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle meets the State-defined safety standards.

Our Pricing

We charge the following rates for inspecting medium-duty trucks and commercial vans that are required to display a certificate of safety. The rates are exclusive of the cost of any repairs or adjustments your vehicle may require.

$10/ Each Axle with Single Wheel

$10.50/ Each Axle with Dual Wheels

$1.00/ Per Vehicle for Certificate

Our Inspection Services

The safety test includes the testing and inspection of the following:

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