Signs You Need Automotive AC Repair Services: Before It’s Too Late

Signs You Need Automotive AC Repair Services: Before It’s Too Late

Just as you might go to your family doctor or dentist for a monthly check-up, similarly, your car needs to go to the workshop every once in a while. However, routines can get tough, and you might not be able to go for your monthly tour to the workshop. 


In such cases, some sensitive automotive components might be suffering silently without you noticing even a thing. One such sensitive component is your car’s AC. Hence, you need to be aware of any kind of signs that may be indicative of underlying problems. In this blog, we will highlight six of the most common ways that you can detect if your car needs automotive AC repair services.


Hot Air

If at any point, during driving or otherwise, you feel that your AC is throwing hot air, you must take notice immediately. Although the exact reason for this may vary, it can very likely be due to one or more of the following reasons:


  • A lack of refrigerant 
  • A clogged expansion tube. 
  • A broken compressor 
  • A damaged condenser.
  • A failed fuse or switch. 

As for the practical side of this problem, you must turn it off and on a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t just a one-time thing. If the problem persists, then you must immediately stop by the closest workshop for car AC repair services. 


Weak Outflow of Air

If you feel that the air coming out of the AC is weaker than it usually is, then this is another significant sign that it needs repair services. This is commonly seen to be because the air vents are not able to receive the air properly. This may have multiple causes, some of which may include:


  • Mildew that has accumulated over time. 
  • Something stuck in the evaporator core. 
  • Burnt or worn-out ventilation fan.

You must tend to the AC immediately if you feel that the AC isn’t throwing air as efficiently as it used to do. Even the slightest reduction in overall efficiency can be a big red flag when it comes to something as sensitive as the AC.


Bad Smell

You may feel that although air is coming out, it is not the typical fresh and cool breeze. Instead, it has an irritating, sweaty, and dusty stench that keeps bothering you. If that happens, it means that your AC’s cabin air filter needs to be cleaned urgently. 


The cause of this weird smell can be the dust and dirt that may have passed through the system over time. Instead of being filtered out, it got stuck there. Due to that, bacteria started gathering there for a long time, eventually being the cause of that foul smell.


Apart from this weird dusty smell, another kind of smell that you might also encounter is a burning smell. If you happen to observe something of this nature when you turn on your AC, then it probably means that the wirings of your compressor are burnt or overheated. These damaged compressor wirings prevent the vehicle’s air conditioning system from functioning properly. 


The easiest way, then, to get rid of the problem is to go get your AC cabin cleaned, while for the second problem, you might have to either repair or replace the wiring altogether.


There may be some other factors that may be either the ultimate cause of the smell or may just be exacerbating it. These include:


  • a leaking refrigerant
  • a moldy evaporator case
  • a dirty air vent

When you go to the workshop for automotive AC repair services, make sure that you get these things checked as well just to stay on the safe side.


Rattling Noises

Any kind of unnecessary sound is always unwelcome to the ears: especially when it is 40 degrees outside, you’re stuck in traffic with horns pumping around you, and that is when your AC joins in as well.


This intolerable rattling may be due to one or more reasons which include a broken fan belt, a broken condenser, and some sort of debris in the fan. Whether the reason is one of these or more, there’s no doubt that you must tend to them immediately.


Leaking AC Unit

The Leaking of your AC unit is another very obvious indication that your car’s air conditioner needs to be fixed. This is quite typical, and it usually occurs when the air conditioner’s seals have deteriorated. If you don’t replace the seals, you run the risk of making the leak worse before you can stop your air conditioner from leaking. In such cases, you must immediately take your vehicle to a professional for AC repair and maintenance as it could lead to a worse or long-term problem.


Malfunctioning Compressor

A malfunctioning compressor is a common problem that car air conditioners have. If your car’s AC isn’t cooling properly, the HVAC system may be the culprit. The compressor is what cools the refrigerant and sends it through the tube to get cooled. 


When you observe that the clutch stops moving, which is a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor is having trouble, it’s another way your compressor might break down. The compressor is completely dependent upon the clutch. The clutch can either seize, which permanently keeps the compressor running, or it can stop moving, or break, preventing the compressor from receiving power from the engine. Either or both may be changed in this situation.


Where Does It Leave You?

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