A suspension is a system that allows your vehicle to steer and brake properly and stabilizes it when driving on uneven road surfaces. A well-functioning and smooth-ride suspension system is crucially important for medium-duty trucks, especially those that carry heavy cargo and equipment and frequently traverse rough terrains. Here’s why the health of your truck’s suspension system matters:

CarTronics Auto Repair is a suspension specialist that offers free diagnostics and complete suspension repair services for medium-duty trucks.

Suspension Repairs for Fleets

If you own truck fleets that routinely carry heavy loads, transport fragile cargo, and traverse uneven roads, you need technicians who can repair and protect the suspension systems of your trucks against daily wear and tear. At Cartronics Auto Repair, we offer suspension repair services to fleet businesses to ensure their trucks keep operating in peak form. Our team of certified technicians and quick response time guarantees minimal downtime for your truck fleet, and we keep you informed throughout the suspension repair process.

Types of Truck Suspensions

Despite its overall improvement, aWe diagnose signs of wear and tear on your truck's suspension, and repair and install parts to get your truck back on the road faster. We are experts are repairing all types of suspensions for medium-duty trucks, including:

Signs of Wear on Truck Suspensions

Paying attention to the following signs of wear and tear on your truck’s suspension system can help you catch issues early:

1. Bumpy rides:

If you notice that your truck is shaking and bumping excessively while driving, it can mean that the struts or other parts of the suspension system are damaged.

2. Uneven tire wear:

Suspension helps maintain even weight distribution on all tires, so irregular tire wear and tear can indicate issues with the rear or front suspensions of your truck.

3. Lowered truck:

If you notice that your parked truck is leaning to one side or its frame is sunken, then it can be a sign of an overloaded suspension or other forms of suspension damage.

4. Oil leak:

If your truck’s engine is leaking oil it can mean that the shocks of your truck are worn or damaged and need to be replaced.

Look out for these signs of wear on your truck’s suspension and book an appointment with our trained technicians who have the expertise to diagnose and repair suspension issues.

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