Top 10 Signs That Your Car’s A/C Needs Repair Before Summer

Top 10 Signs That Your Car’s A/C Needs Repair Before Summer

Car A/C Repair: You’re ready for that big summer trip! But there’s just one problem. You discover the A/C in your car isn’t working.

Keep your travel plans on track this summer with reliable car A/C repair! Let’s break down some warning signs to look out for and the auto repair service you can schedule if these problems appear. 

Importance of a functional A/C 

Your car’s air conditioning system features a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. These complex parts work together to pump refrigerant out, absorb hot air and manage your temperature preferences inside the vehicle. 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of this system as you hop in for your busy work commute or weekend travel plans. But when something goes wrong with these systems and other parts, your A/C will no longer deliver on your comfort expectations. And who wants to ride in a baking car with hot air pouring through the open windows? 

Avoid this situation altogether by scheduling car A/C repair when issues arise. Let’s review some of the warning signs to look out for. 

10 signs you need A/C car repair 

1. A/C doesn’t turn on

Let’s start with the most obvious red flag. If you can’t even turn on your air conditioning settings, it’s time to prioritize a shop visit. 

2. A/C won’t pump cool air

You hop in your car on a humid day and turn some cool air on. The problem is, only warm air comes out. That’s a tell-tale sign your A/C will require a diagnostic inspection and potential repairs.

3. A/C doesn’t produce enough air

Do you have the settings on high to pump a lot of cool air into the cabin at once? If not much cool air filters through, you’ll want to find time and schedule car A/C repair. 

4. Strange cabin smells

If mold or mildew builds inside your cabin A/C, a strange odor may filter out when you activate the settings. 

5. Damp floors

Have you noticed condensation that builds up on the floors of your front seats? That may indicate a problem with your A/C systems like clogged lines. 

6. Burning smell

We covered the moldy odor, but you may also notice a burning smell. While other issues with your vehicle may cause this, still bring in your vehicle and rule out a problem with the A/C unit. 

7. Air temperature suddenly shifts

You’re enjoying the cool cabin environment on a humid summer day. But suddenly, the A/C starts pumping hot air without you changing any settings. It’s time to have a certified technician inspect your vehicle. 

8. Rattling sounds 

Does it sound like commotion with rattling noises coming from your A/C? It should run without producing strange sounds. 

9. Leaking refrigerant

Have you noticed leaking fluid in your vehicle near the A/C unit? That’s a tell-tale sign it needs comprehensive service. 

10. Dashboard indicators

Depending on your vehicle, you may have an A/C dashboard warning light. If that turns on, it’s time to schedule an upcoming shop appointment. 

Scheduling your car A/C repair 

It’s time to address issues with your car’s A/C and enjoy cool, carefree trips this summer. Contact our team at CarTronics Auto Repair for more information. We’re happy to schedule car A/C repair and get your vehicle’s cooling settings functioning properly.