What is Checked During a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

Have you ever wondered what goes into your vehicle’s safety inspection? You came to the right place for answers!

Let’s cover what a safety lane inspection is, why these inspections matter, and which components of your vehicle will come into focus.

Why vehicle safety inspections exist

Take this scenario. You make your daily commute home during a winter snowstorm. Visibility is limited. A car behind you can’t see any brake lights as you come to a complete stop in traffic. With no warning, they crash into the back of your vehicle.

This example speaks to the importance of vehicle safety! If your vehicle’s brake lights worked, the trailing car would see your vehicle and slow down sooner.

Every detail matters, as a safe vehicle helps prevent accidents and protect fellow drivers on local roadways. That’s where the role of a vehicle safety inspection comes into play.

What a vehicle safety inspection covers

At CarTronics, we offer Safety Lane Inspection for medium-duty trucks and commercial vans. When you stop into the CarTronics Auto Repair for your vehicle safety inspection, our technicians cover all the bases! We will focus on diagnostics testing and physical exams for every aspect of your vehicle.

Specifically, here are some of the safety questions we answer:

  • Brakes: Is there excess wear visible with the brake pads or rotors? Does the emergency brake function properly? Does brake fluid leak from anywhere?


  • Tires: Is there excess tread wear? Does any visible tire damage appear?


  • Lighting: Do the headlights, tail lights, and hazard lights all function properly? What about the turn signals and brake lights?


  • Seat belts: Do the seat belts clip? Will the seat belt warning signal turn off once the belts activate?


  • Mirrors: Do each of the interior and exterior mirrors have full maneuverability? Is the visibility sufficient with each mirror?


  • Windshield (and wipers): Are there chips or cracks in the front windshields? Do the windshield wipers have tears and streaks when activated?

These are a few examples of the detailed analysis that goes into the safety lane inspection for your medium-duty trucks and commercial vans!

When to schedule a vehicle safety inspection

Requirements for vehicle inspections can vary from state to state. Depending on where you live, you may also have to run emissions tests for your trucks and vans. As a general rule of thumb, plan to have your vehicle inspected once every six months. But connect with our team at CarTronics to set up a recurring inspection schedule!

Schedule your next inspection visit

Nothing matters more than safety for your driving experience. Our team at CarTronics can help you keep your trucks and commercial vans compliant with the state and safe for the road!

Give us a call today to learn more about the inspection process. We’re happy to answer your questions and get an appointment on the books.